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Covid-19 Vaccines - Can your Software Manage them?

Posted by VLI Tech on Dec 17, 2020 3:38:52 PM

VLI Tech offers Logis IDS software from Logis Solutions giving you the ability to schedule, document and report on Covid-19 vaccinations.

Logis IDS is ready to go in our cloud-hosted environment and its Outpatient Module can be configured quickly. You will be able to manage your needs at either a fixed site or mobile patient visits.


IDS Outpatient allows you to schedule the initial visit and follow up visit.  It will also notify the patient via text messages of the appointments.  The IDS Outpatient module will both manage your appointments according to how many providers you have available, and will provide time slots to schedule each visit.



Capture and document all of the fields recommended and required by CDC at the time of the injections.  Everything from barcode scanning for lot information, to documentation of site and reactions.  You can even document events for the patient that occur between doses.



All data can be exported for you to prepare your required reports. Our development team can work with you for specific needs or custom configurations.

Contact sales@vlitech.com for more information and details on how to get started.

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